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ClassicDating is South Africa's number 1 dating site for adults over 40. With over 250,000 members we have made finding your perfect match as easy just signing up. Through our on line chat system you can get to know each other for as little or as long as you like before making the decision to go on that first date. By the time you actually meet up with one of our members for your first date, it will feel like you already know everything about them and that first date will be a comfortable and delightful experience.

When you sign up to ClassicDating, we will display your profile to all our members for the first week of you joining, we advise all new members to fill in as much information about themselves as possible and to always upload a photo.

During your first week as you can imagine you will receive a lot of attention as we show off your profile to all our members who will be very excited to meet you. This will be the ideal time to meet new people and respond to members. It might be a bit overwhelming to have so many people contacting you but hey there are worst things in life than too much attention!

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Finding a companion who can make you laugh, comfort you when you cry and listen when you talk is not always easy.
We’ve found a way to make things a little simpler. With Classic Dating, you’ll be able to meet people with similar interests from similar walks of life; create friendships; be part of a mature relationship or find companionship without even leaving your desk.


Why should I try online dating?

Online dating provides a great way to meet people and try new things. It is extremely easy to get started and you canchoose your search criteria for a partner. Search through thousands of profiles to find the one that suits you. Now you can get to know someone in the comfort of your own home and if you feel its tight simply organise to meet up for a date.First date conversation has never been easier.

Do dating sites work?

The simple answer is yes. Millions of people use dating sites nowadays as a way to meet new people and maybe find their perfect match. You only have to look at the success stories nearly all sites have on their websites to see that it can and does work. However don't think that by sticking up a profile on one you're guaranteed to meet someone, it still takes a little work to make a good profile and contact people.

How Do I get started?

Simple. Click Here and follow the easy steps of setting up your online dating profile. Good luck!